2021 PPS Roles

President - Laura Moody
Vice President - Ryan Brant
Secretary - Sharon Cuffe
Treasurer - Carole Raley
Asst Treasurer - Hannah Itzin

Plant Sale Chair - Mariwyn Evans  
Membership Coordinator -  Joanne Futrell
Directors At Large - - Mickey Newman, Margaret Lovett, Doris Weakley
Member Emeritus - BC Hudson & Nancy Fleisher

Garden Tour Chairs - Marlene Key, Doris Weakley
Hospitality Chair - OPEN
Scholarships - Maddy Berezov
Lawn & Garden Event Coordinators - Alf and Joanne Futrell

The show has been cancelled in 2021. We will participate in 2022.
Urban Garden Show Event Coordinator - Rose Naeser
Swap Table Coordinator - Judy Phillips
Monthly Presenter Announcements via MailChimp - Pam Mayer
Member Presenters - Leon Olenick, Mimi Foster
Photographers - Margaret Lovett & Laura Moody
Historian - Carole Raley
Merchandise Chair - Nicki Cornett
Door Prize Coordinators - OPEN
Tech Support - Jay Lanier
Social Media Coordinator - OPEN
Plant Sale Acquisitions - Mickey Newman, Joanne & Alf Futrell, Michelle Hutton
Plant Sale Volunteer Coordinator - Mary Mecklenburg
Plant Sale Head Cashier - Maddy Berezov
Plant Sale Publicity - Hannah Itzin
Plant Sale Show Signage and Design - OPEN
Plant Sale Plants Signage - OPEN
Plant Sale Set up and Tear down - OPEN

The Perennial Plant Society of Middle Tennessee - A Non-Profit Organization for Promoting The Use Of Perennial Plants

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  • Facebook page
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