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Scholarship Information

One of the ways the Perennial Plant Society of Middle Tennessee supports horticultural education is by awarding an annual scholarship to a student at Tennessee Tech University (  Beginning in 2020, PPS has partnered with the Tennessee Technological University's (TTU) School of Agriculture to support one or more students throughout his or her four-year program in horticulture.


A worthy student is chosen by TTU based on criteria established by PPS.  Interested Tennessee Tech students should contact the Dean of the School of Agriculture for more details.

PPSMT Scholarship Winner Sam Simmons
Latest Scholarship Winners

Fall-2021 Scholarship Winner

Samuel Simmons

2019-2020 Scholarship Winners

Isamary Mendoza

Hunter Summers

2018-2019 Scholarship Winners

Caleb Phillips

A Thank You From A Scholarship Recipient

Dear The Perennial Plant Society of Middle Tennessee,

I thank you so much for this great contribution to the furthering of my education! It is donors like you who are helping me on the path to running my own business in the landscape and/or nursery industry. I am deeply appreciative of the financial help as this makes it possible for me to graduate debt free and enables me to essentially start out my career with more stability. I also want to thank you for what this institution is doing, educating people about gardening and landscaping. Though often these two things are looked at as merely hobbies by many, it is important for us to know about plants: where to plant what kinds and how to care for them, and what role they play in helping us. Also, it is a good thing for the individual to learn how to do something and then do it himself. This not only gives someone a skill but also makes society better.


Thanks for what you do

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