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Society Program Meeting Schedule

2021 PPS Meeting Schedule

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, PPS will hold virtual meetings through the online Zoom platform. Listed below are the upcoming PPS Meetings on Zoom.

Presenter - Jason Powell

Date - Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Time - 7:00 pm

Title :   Using Perennials in the Garden

Jason will offer a lesson about the toughest perennials for the South. He will offer ideas for combining them in a landscape setting as well as a discussion of care and maintenance.

Bio - 

Jason has a Horticulture/Landscape Design degree from Auburn University and an M.S in Horticulture from Texas A&M University.


Jason and his wife Shelley are the owners of,  Petals from the Past . They specialize in antique roses, heirloom shrubs, cottage perennials, and herbs. In addition, they produce a handful of classical varieties of vegetables and fruit trees. The Petals from the Past has display gardens, fruit gardens, growing facilities, and an Educational facility.


One of the primary goals of their nursery is to approach gardening from an educational standpoint. To achieve this goal they have two main objectives. First, they try to integrate everything they grow into a garden setting so customers can see what these plants look like as mature specimens. On the grounds, they have 45 acres to develop, seventeen of which are currently being used. Secondly, they host two to three lectures/workshops monthly with various guest speakers to enlighten our customers as well as their staff. In addition to the workshops, they hold two major events each year. The spring “Antiques in the Garden” show hosts approximately 40 vendors with antiques,

collectibles, and crafts. The “Black and Blue Berry Festival” is held in June during the blackberry and blueberry harvest.


Zoom Link 


Meeting ID : 983 9187 8076

Passcode : 444931  


Because gardening never stops, not even for Covid, the Perennial Plant Society has decided to host a virtual plant sale for 2021.  As always, we will have hundreds of great, locally grown plants for sun and shade for you to choose from.  And once again, your purchases will support horticultural education and scholarship in Tennessee.


You will be able to go online at the PPS “store”starting in early March and make your selections.  Just click the Shop button (when it is activated) to place your order. Each plant will have a photo and growing advice. We have a much larger quantity of plants than last year, but supplies are limited, so shop early.  Social distancing pickups will be at the Ellington Agricultural Center on April 9-11, 2021.  All plants must be paid in advance.


We are also offering a limited number of reservation for in-person shopping at the Ellington site on April 10 and 11. Only three people will be allowed to shop at a time.  Walk-ins are welcome is space is available.  Reservations requests may be sent to mariwynevans@att.net.  Please note that ALL online orders will be filled before in-person shopping is permitted.


So don’t miss the chance to find the best plants for your garden in the easiest and safest way possible.  Shop the PPS 2021 Online Plant Sale!

We are working on an online e-commerce website for plant sale purchase and no contact pick-up which should be available by Early March.  Check back for updates.

Online shopping begins March 11.  Shop Early, Shop Often and Support Plant Education in Tennessee

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