2022 Society Meetings & Events


Date: Tues., Aug 16

Location: Belle Meade Methodist Church

Time: 6:30 pm social: 7:00 pm  program

Speaker: Dr. Eleanor Lopez

Our speaker is Dr. Eleanor Lopez, who will speak on beneficial insects and how they can benefit the garden and the environment.  Beneficial insects are the reason our plant matter is recycled back into the soil, the reason our flowers are pollinated, and the reason pest insect populations are kept at bay. With many stressors impacting beneficial insects from land use changes to pesticide use to extreme weather events and cycles, there are many ways we can make decisions to help our

beneficial insect friends thrive. The presentation will focus on how to identify beneficial insects, the roles they play for us, and how we can make decisions to help protect and support these important animals.

Dr. Lopez is a recent hire with University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK) Extension at the Nashville Soil, Plant and Pest Center (SPPC). Her current role with UTK involves diagnosing plant pathogens, identifying insect pests, and occasionally assisting with soil analysis. Her academic work was focused on learning diagnostic skills to identify plant disease and symptoms of injury during her interdisciplinary degree--Doctor of Plant Medicine (DPM). Dr. Lopez is also a volunteer on the Board of Directors with the Native American Indian Association of Tennessee (NAIA).

What's New in 2022?

We will look at some new and interesting varieties of plants that have recently emerged on the market. There are a lot of breeding programs and introductions being made every year so Megan will narrow down the field to some of the most exciting and some of the most versatile.