PPSMT Scholarship Winners

2019-2020 Scholarship Winners


Isamary Mendoza

Hunter Summers

2018-2019 Scholarship Winners


Caleb Phillips

2017-2018 Scholarship Winners


Isaac Luhrs

2015-2016 Scholarship Winners

Stacee Snyder, Senior Tennessee Tech University

Adam Logan, Sophomore Tennessee Tech University

Valerie Preston, Junior Middle Tennessee State University

2014-2015 Scholarship Winners


Kevin Trostel

A student at Middle Tennessee State University, is a graduate student majoring in Botanical Biology and minoring in Business and is receiving the scholarship for the second year. He is a graduate student assistant in Botanical Biology and works for Colorburst Plant Farm, which is a vendor for the PPS Plant Sale. Kevin is certified by the state of Tennessee in Category 3 pesticide application. He has an understanding of how chemicals interact with biological life forms. He plans to pursue a PhD and establish a career in botanical research


Alison Willette

A student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, is a senior majoring in Plant Science, Horticulture Science and Production. She has volunteered over a hundred hours in the classroom and after school to teach plant science and physical science to first, second, and third graders. Now she is interning with two professors at UT Knoxville, which includes planting and monitoring weeded plots of soybean seed for genetic studies and setting up a vegetable project for sixth grade elementary students. She plans to get a PhD in plant physiology and work on research in improving vegetable crops using modern breeding techniques


2013-2014 Scholarship Winners


Kevin Trostel

Kevin is a student at Middle TN State University, currently working on a Masters in Botany.  He has a B.S. in Plant and Soil Science from MTSU and an A.S. in Horticulture from Nashville  State Community College.   He has received scholarship awards from the Professional  Landscape Assoc. of Nashville and from Middle TN Nursery Association.  Work experience includes plant propogation at Colorburst Plant Farm and landscaping for various companies, including his own.


2011-2013 Scholarship Winners


Eric Limbird

Eric is a student at Middle Tennessee State University, majoring in plant and soil science.   Active in research projects on Rhododendron calendualceum, a native perennial to Tennessee, Eric is active in the Plant and Soil Science Club and grows perennial plants for the MTSU nursery. He also works with Habitat Community Gardens in Murfreesboro.


Lydia Wheeler

Lydia majors in horticulture at Nashville State Community College.  She has held several positions in the landscaping and gardening field and is active in Sierra Club, Greenpeace and PPSMT.  She volunteered to teach a class on planting and food from the earth to a group of 12/14 year old girls through Vanderbilt University.


2010-2012 Scholarship Winners


Josiah Lockard

Josiah attends Nashville State Community College, majoring in horticulture.  He has been working in the field for over 12 years as an arborist apprentice (becoming certified in 2003).   An active member of PPSMT, Josiah plans to transition into landscape design.


Daniel Messick

Daniel majors in horticulture at Middle Tennessee State University, where his professors rank him in the top 5% of all the students.  He has been active in the Plant and Soil Science Club and the American Society for Horticultural Science for the southeast.  He lives and works on his family's 30 acre farm.

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